Regular car maintenance has numerous benefits for you and your vehicle. Apart from saving you costly repairs in the future, regular car maintenance also extends your car's lifespan and assures you of stress-free ownership. At Cochrane GM, we advocate for routine vehicle maintenance, including brake servicing, oil change, and fluids checking.

Which Brake Components Wear Out?

Brakes undergo regular wear and tear since they are constantly in use. Stepping on the brakes generates heat due to friction, which wears out your brake components. Therefore, brake pads, brake rotors, brake hoses, brake shoes, and callipers are most prone to wearing out and require regular maintenance and replacement.

Signs of Brake Pad Wear

After continued use, your pads tend to wear out due to heat, and you may notice grinding, squealing, and chirping noises as you stop. In addition, if you notice low brake-pedal height or difficulty braking, it may indicate that your brakes are worn out.

What Causes Brakes to Chirp?

A thin sliver of metal next to the brake pad gives a warning when the pad material is wearing down and needs replacing. When you apply the brakes, this metal creates a chirping noise, signalling that it's time to service your brakes.

What Causes Pedal Pulsation and Noise?

If you press your brakes and notice shaking in the steering wheel, this is brake pulsation. There are several causes of brake pulsation, including worn-out brakes, worn-out rotors, or damaged noise insulators. Additional causes could include uneven lug nut torque, hard braking, and loosely fitted brake pads. If you notice brake pulsation, have your vehicle checked out immediately for your safety.

How Do I Know When to Get My Brakes Checked?

Don't wait until you notice signs of brake wear. It's advisable to replace or check your brakes every 12,000 km, depending on your driving habits. If you notice difficulty in braking, squealing, brake pulsations, or chirping, it may be time to replace your brakes. Schedule a brake inspection at Cochrane GM's Service Centre for expert vehicle maintenance.

Visit Cochrane GM for Brake Maintenance

Even with regular brake maintenance, you may be unable to notice all your brake problems independently. If you live in Cochrane, Alberta, or the surrounding areas, schedule a service apportionment and enjoy high-quality brake care from our experts. Our team of specialists is always ready to help you with all your car and brake maintenance needs. Contact us today for more advice on caring for your vehicle!

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