At Cochrane GM, we strive to keep our customers in Cochrane, Alberta, safe on the road. Choosing the correct tires for your vehicle is crucial to driving safely during warmer months. Once winter is over and spring comes along, you will need to switch to summer tires. Here's how swapping from winter tires to summer tires can benefit you.

Importance of Winter Tire Change

While winter tires have enhanced traction on ice and in sub-zero temperatures, their performance is diminished when exposed to the heat. Summer tires disperse heat better and work more reliably during hot days. Summer tires have tread patterns with less grooving and can put more rubber in contact with the road. It typically rains more during the spring and summer months, which is why the softer composition of summer tires is needed to avoid hydroplaning in wet conditions. Summer tires deliver high grip levels on dry and wet roads, heightened stability around curves, and peak performance in warm temperatures.

When Should You Swap Your Winter Tires?

When temperatures remain above seven degrees Celsius, around mid-April, you will need to swap your winter tires for summer tires. Summer tires often get called performance tires because they are ideal for speed and liveliness. They allow the vehicle to respond quickly to your direction and make turns and take corners at higher speeds. With these on your auto, you will have the power to remain in control of your ride when it is most needed. Our Service Centre excels at vehicle servicing and maintenance and will perform your tire change in a timely manner. Visit us to get your summer tires installed today!

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Understanding when your tires should get changed is just a minor part of the overall maintenance of your vehicle. You should also ensure you regularly check the tire pressure and tread depth. It's also vital to stay up to date on your tire rotation schedule. The expert technicians at our dealership's Service Centre are ready to assist you with all your tire needs. Contact us for more expert advice on vehicle maintenance!

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