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Preparing For Winter Tires or Seasonal Tires

When you're preparing for the winter season, it's essential to prepare your vehicle to remain safe on the road and reduce the risk of a collision in harsh weather conditions. You'll need to schedule a service appointment for a winter tire change to improve your traction on slippery roads and when different surfaces are wet from the rain or snow. Winter tires come constructed with more pliable rubber than standard tires, which prevent them from getting stiff in low temperatures. They have more tread for increased traction. The tires also deliver a better grip on different roads and help you maintain better control of the vehicle.

Seasonal tires have increased grip and stopping distance on dry or wet roads. They're known to last longer in moderate or warm temperatures and have lower rolling resistance, allowing you to get more fuel efficiency with the vehicle.

Differences between Change vs. Tire Swap

A tire change involves one set of wheels with two sets of tires, allowing you to keep the original wheels. A tire change is considered to be a more affordable option for drivers. It takes an average of 15 to 30 minutes for professional technicians to perform tire changes each year you schedule an appointment.

A tire swap requires using two sets of tires with two wheels while adding new tires and wheels to your car. Although it can be expensive to purchase a second set of wheels for your vehicle, the investment can be the more affordable option in the coming years because swaps are cheaper to perform than tire changes.

When to Switch Your Winter Tires

The weather always fluctuates and changes in Canada at the end of the year, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact time and day to switch back to your tires at the end of the winter season. However, you'll still need to schedule the service when there isn't anymore risk of anymore frost present on the road. You can also switch back to the standard tires when there have been ten consecutive days of an average high of 7C.

Contact us to book a service appointment when you're ready for your winter tire change in Cochrane. Our team can assist you and help you select the right tires for your make and model.

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